Lina's Guest House
6, Dhash Studios Building, Port Vila, Vanuatu

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Lina's Guest House has coordinated backpacker priced things to do that are free or under US$10. These include kava bar walking tours, nature tours, organic farm tours, and bus tours to Port Vila's best beaches and lagoons.

Lina's Guest House is serviced by regular buses in front of the property that can take you most places for only $1.50. A few minutes walk to Vanuatu's largest Supermarket Chain; Au Bon Marche (Freshwota) Farmers Market just down the street selling organic fruit and vegetables.




From the Port Vila airport you leave the airport and drive on the Kumul highway towards the direction of Port Vila Central. When you pass the Post Office in CBD (just after the ANZ and Westpac buildings) you turn left and follow as the road loops around (it is a one way CBD) and heads back on Rue de Paris where you should pass Club Vanuatu and then National Bank of Vanuatu. Then continue on until you reach the end of the one way system opposite the 'Chew Store'. At this intersection you turn right and drive up the hill where you should see the Catholic Cathedral on the Right hand side of the Road. Continue on the same road until the next intersection. Turn right and then follow that Road down the hill. You should then pass Breadwinner Bakery on the right. At the bottom of the hill continue straight and you will pass a variety of major stores such as Traverso Supermarket and Wilco Hardware, both on the left had side of the Road. 200 metres passed the large Wilco building you will turn left. At this corner you should see Officeworks Stationary and a Hong Kong Takeaway on the oppposite side. As you turn left you should then see the Au Bon Marche Supermarket on the left and the HXM Supermarket on the right. Turn right on the road immediately after the HXM Supermarket. You will then drive up a short hill that veers to the left. Once the road straightens you will continue for 500 metres until you see the 'Lina's Guest House' Sign clearly on the road.